C Language Features

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C Language Options

C is the extensively used language. We will use C for various functions. Under are a few of the Options of C Programming .

  1. Easy And Eassy
  2. Mid-level programming language
  3. structured programming language
  4. Machine Impartial or Transportable
  5. Wealthy Library
  6. Reminiscence Administration
  7. Quick Velocity
  8. Pointers
  9. Recursion
  10. Extensible

1) Easy & Simple

C is an easy language within the sense that it offers structured method (to interrupt the issue into elements), wealthy set of library capabilities, knowledge varieties and many others.

2) Machine Impartial or Transportable

Not like meeting language, c packages may be executed in lots of machines with little bit or no change. However it’s not platform-independent.

3) Mid-level prorgramming language

C is additionally used to do low degree programming. It’s used to develop system functions comparable to kernel, driver and many others. It additionally helps the function of excessive degree language. That’s the reason it is called mid-level language.

4) Structured prorgramming language

C is a structured programming language within the sense that we are able to break this system into elements utilizing capabilities. So, it’s simple to grasp and modify.

5) Wealthy Library

C offers a whole lot of inbuilt capabilities that makes the event quick.

6) Reminiscence Administration

It helps the function of dynamic reminiscence allocation. In C language, we are able to free the allotted reminiscence at any time by calling the free() perform.

7) Velocity

The compilation and execution time of C language is quick.

8) Pointer

C offers the function of pointers. We will immediately work together with the reminiscence by utilizing the pointers. We can use pointers for reminiscence, constructions, capabilities, array and many others.

9) Recursion

In c, we can name the perform throughout the perform. It offers code reusability for each perform.

10) Extensible

C language is extensible as a result of it can simply undertake new options.