Screenshot 681 3 - Form Validation – PHP Basics

Form Validation – PHP Basics

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Screenshot 681 3 - Form Validation – PHP Basics

Type Validation – PHP Fundamentals

Right here, On this easy type validation  “Title”, “E-mail”, “Topic”, “Suggestions” and “Gender” fields are required. These fields can’t be empty (error message is displayed if left empty). It have to be stuffed out within the HTML type. For this validation, Variables – $nameErr, $emailErr, $subjectErr, $feedbackErr, $genderErr holds error message for fields which is empty. There’s if else assertion for every $_POST variable to checks if $_POST variable is left empty (with PHP empty( ) perform). Error Message is reserved in numerous error variables if it’s empty. & it sends the person enter knowledge via the test_input() perform: if its not empty. And eventually it shows all of the inputs given by the person.

Screenshot 679 - Form Validation – PHP Basics

* when Fields are left Empty *

Screenshot 680 - Form Validation – PHP Basics

* person’s enter displayed after submitting *

PHP Code :-

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