Keyword in C language

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Key phrase in C language


Key phrase are reserved phrase which are pridefine in ‘c’ library. They will’t be modified or modified.

There are whole 32 key phrases in commonplace ‘c’ and all key phrases have to be written in small case letter(a,b,c…..z)

int char float double
void signed unsigned brief
if lengthy else swap
case default break proceed
goto for whereas do
return auto static extern
register struct union enum
const unstable sizeof typedef



It’s the title of variable, label, array, pointer, perform or any person outlined merchandise

There are particular guidelines relating to idenifier. These rule are as fllows:-

  1. An Indetifier have to be significant.
  2. It’s mixture of alphabets/letter(capital in addition to small),digits or underscore ( _ ).
  3. First character have to be an Alphabets or Underscore.
  4. Key phrases should not allowed for use as Identifiers.
  5. No particular characters, comparable to semicolon, interval, whitespaces, slash or comma are permitted for use in or as Identifier.
  6. No white area are allowed. EX-basic wage(Incorrect), basic_salary(True)
  7. It may well have mmaximum 31 or 32 character are vital. Ex:- college students roll and college students marker are similar.

In C language characters are grouped into the next catagories,

  1. Letters(all alphabets a to z & A to Z).
  2. Digits (all digits zero to 9).
  3. Particular characters, ( comparable to colon :, semicolon ;, interval ., underscore _, ampersand & and many others).
  4. White areas.