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Fixing Connection Aborted Error: Winerror 10053 in 10 Easy Steps

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th?q=Connectionabortederror: [Winerror 10053] An Established Connection Was Aborted By The Software In Your Host Machine - Fixing Connection Aborted Error: Winerror 10053 in 10 Easy Steps

Are you experiencing a connection aborted error, Winerror 10053 on your computer? This problem can be frustrating and detrimental to your productivity. The good news is that fixing this error doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated.

In this article, we’ll walk you through 10 easy steps to fix the connection aborted error, Winerror 10053. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot connectivity issues and get your computer back up and running without any hassle.

So, whether you’re a tech-savvy user or a beginner, this guide is for you. By the end of this article, you’ll have the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle this error head-on.

Don’t let a connection aborted error slow you down anymore. Follow these ten simple steps to fix the problem and get back to doing what you need to do on your computer. Read on to find out how.

th?q=Connectionabortederror%3A%20%5BWinerror%2010053%5D%20An%20Established%20Connection%20Was%20Aborted%20By%20The%20Software%20In%20Your%20Host%20Machine - Fixing Connection Aborted Error: Winerror 10053 in 10 Easy Steps
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Poor internet connectivity can be quite frustrating, especially when trying to work or access entertainment online. One common error that internet users experience is the connection aborted error. Specifically, this error occurs on the Windows operating system and is known as a Winerror 10053. Fortunately, there are ways to fix this issue which we will discuss below.

Gathering Information About the Error

Before fixing any error, it’s essential first to understand what it is and its potential causes. The Winerror 10053 is a socket error, meaning it stems from poor network connectivity or application specific issues. Additionally, the error code denotes that an active connection between the internet server and client was broken unexpectedly.

Step 1: Understanding Your Network

The first step towards fixing the connection aborted error is understanding the network you are using. For instance, there may be an issue with the router, modem, or cable connections. Familiarize yourself with your network components and try to isolate each to identify whether the issue is network-based.

Step 2: Updating Browser and Antivirus Software

Outdated browser software or antivirus programs can also cause Winerror 10053. Ensure you regularly update all the software on your device.

Step 3: Disable Firewall Temporarily

Firewall settings can prevent internet connectivity and result in error 10053. Disable your antivirus software temporarily and see if the error persists.

Step 4: Run a Virus Scan

Viruses and malware can lead to error 10053 as they can modify the computer’s network settings affecting the connection. Run scanning software to detect potential viruses and malware.

Step 5: Verify IP Address and Protocols

A mismatch in IP addresses or protocols can compromise your connection. Open Command Prompt and type the command “ipconfig/all” to set the IP address and associated protocols.

Step 6: Disable Proxy Server Settings

Proxy servers can also cause Winerror 10053. To fix the issue, open the Control Panel settings and navigate to Internet Options. From here, select the Connections tab and proceed to LAN settings. Ensure that proxy server settings are disabled.

Step 7: Check Network Adapter Settings

Faulty network adapter settings can cause various errors on your device. Verify you have installed the correct driver for your device and troubleshoot by reinstalling if needed.

Step 8: Restart Your Computer

Most internet connectivity issues can be resolved by restarting the device. After restarting, check if the error persists.

Step 9: Clear the Browser’s Cache and History

Your browser’s cache and history may store outdated information that affects your internet connection. Clear these by going to the browser settings and selecting “clear browsing data.”

Step 10: Approach Your Network Provider

If none of the above solutions work, you may need to approach your network provider. Explain the issue in detail to get further technical assistance.


In conclusion, fixing Winerror 10053 is possible by following the steps outlined above. Understanding the error and its potential causes is the first step towards resolving the issue. Updating software, verifying adapter settings, and rebooting your device can also help. If all else fails, consult your network provider for additional support.

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When facing the Winerror 10053 Connection Aborted Error, there are some common questions that people tend to ask. Below are the top 5 frequently asked questions and their answers:

  1. What is the Winerror 10053 Connection Aborted Error?

    The Winerror 10053 error is a connection aborted error that occurs when a connection is closed unexpectedly by the remote host or network. This error can happen in various situations such as during data transmission, web browsing, or software installation.

  2. What causes the Winerror 10053 Connection Aborted Error?

    The Winerror 10053 error can be caused by several factors such as:

    • A weak or unstable internet connection
    • Firewall or antivirus software blocking the connection
    • Incorrect settings in the TCP/IP protocol
    • A problem with the server or remote host
    • Corrupted or outdated system files
  3. How do I fix the Winerror 10053 Connection Aborted Error?

    Here are 10 easy steps to fix the Winerror 10053 error:

    1. Restart your computer and modem/router
    2. Disable firewall or antivirus software temporarily
    3. Check network cables and connections
    4. Configure the TCP/IP protocol settings
    5. Update your device drivers
    6. Clear browser cache and cookies
    7. Reset your internet settings
    8. Scan your computer for malware or viruses
    9. Repair or reinstall system files and software
    10. Contact your internet service provider or server administrator for assistance
  4. Can the Winerror 10053 Connection Aborted Error be prevented?

    The Winerror 10053 error can be prevented by taking some measures such as:

    • Maintaining a stable and strong internet connection
    • Keeping firewall or antivirus software updated
    • Checking server or remote host status before connecting
    • Regularly updating device drivers and system files
    • Avoiding downloading or installing suspicious files or software
  5. What should I do if the Winerror 10053 Connection Aborted Error persists?

    If the Winerror 10053 error persists after trying the above solutions, you may need to contact a professional technician or seek assistance from your internet service provider or server administrator.