select box search option - Free Download Select Box With Searchable Options - jQuery Searchbox

Free Download Select Box With Searchable Options – jQuery Searchbox

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This time I will share jQuery Plugin and tutorial about Select Box With Searchable Options – jQuery Searchbox, hope it will help you in programming stack.

select box search option - Free Download Select Box With Searchable Options - jQuery Searchbox
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Searchbox is a jQuery select box replacement plugin that turns a normal <select> element into a fully styleable dropdown list where the users are able to filter through options with a searchbox as well as add new options to the list just like a tags input.

How to use it:

1. Load the Searchbox plugin’s script after loading jQuery JavaScript library as follows:

1 <script src="/path/to/cdn/jquery.min.js"></script>
2 <script src="/path/to/dist/js/jquery-searchbox.js"></script>

2. Just attatch the function searchBox to the existing select element and the plugin will do the rest.

01 <select name="lang" class="js-searchBox">
02   <option value="">Select A Language</option>
03   <option value="1">Python</option>
04   <option value="2">Java</option>
05   <option value="3">Ruby</option>
06   <option value="4">C/C++</option>
07   <option value="5">C#</option>
08   <option value="6">JavaScript</option>
09   <option value="7">PHP</option>
10   <option value="8">Swift</option>
11   <option value="9">Scala</option>
12   <option value="10">R</option>
13   <option value="11">Go</option>
14   <option value="12">VisualBasic.NET</option>
15   <option value="13">Kotlin</option>
16 </select>
1 $('.js-searchBox').searchBox();

3. The results. Note that the option value will be stored in the input field as shown below.

01 <input type="text" class="refineText formTextbox">
02 <select name="lang" class="js-searchBox" style="display: none;">
03   <option value="">Select A Language</option>
04   <option value="1">Python</option>
05   <option value="2">Java</option>
06   <option value="3">Ruby</option>
07   <option value="4">C/C++</option>
08   <option value="5">C#</option>
09   <option value="6">JavaScript</option>
10   <option value="7">PHP</option>
11   <option value="8">Swift</option>
12   <option value="9">Scala</option>
13   <option value="10">R</option>
14   <option value="11">Go</option>
15   <option value="12">VisualBasic.NET</option>
16   <option value="13">Kotlin</option>
17 </select>
18 <ul class="searchBoxElement">
19   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="" class="selected"><span>Select A Language</span></li>
20   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="1"><span>Python</span></li>
21   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="2"><span>Java</span></li>
22   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="3"><span>Ruby</span></li>
23   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="4"><span>C/C++</span></li>
24   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="5"><span>C#</span></li>
25   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="6"><span>JavaScript</span></li>
26   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="7"><span>PHP</span></li>
27   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="8"><span>Swift</span></li>
28   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="9"><span>Scala</span></li>
29   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="10"><span>R</span></li>
30   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="11"><span>Go</span></li>
31   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="12"><span>VisualBasic.NET</span></li>
32   <li data-selected="off" data-searchval="13"><span>Kotlin</span></li>